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NO Compliance NO Way

Our commitment to ethical and responsible business practices - CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) - is crucial.

In this fast moving world it is extremely important to maintain focus on 'total quality control'. Therefore, Intraco strives for each order related to the brand of the customer to meet the quality requirements and is suitable for the intended purpose. Our network of offices through Asia, set up in 2004, work together to achieve and maintain the many aspects of quality control in our Group.

We work together with our carefully selected supply partners to ensure both social, ethical and quality standards are met throughout the chain. This includes raw materials, manufacturing, transport and, of course, packaging. We make every effort to ensure our operation is accurate and in accordance with the rules.

Intraco is DG (Dangerous Goods) licenced. This allows us to transport Powerbanks by air freight. To ensure that we always work in accordance with the latest rules, standards and guidelines, we consult laboratories and external specialists such as Product IP, TUV SUD, BSCI and Sedex. This consultation takes place both before, during and after product development.

In addition, visiting factories is one of the aspects within Compliance. During these visits, we check whether local and international rules are complied with, whether the work environment is socially acceptable and if the products made are in accordance with and according to the specification set from the orders placed. The BSCI Code of Conduct is our comprehensive standard for this. All factories that Intraco cooperate with are therefore BSCI certified.

Several key objectives of the BSCI Code of Conduct:

  • Child labor is prohibited
  • The legal minimum wage is paid
  • The workspace is safe and healthy
  • Working times comply with national legislation
  • There is no forced labor and there are no disciplinary measures

These objectives are in line with the New Wave Code of Conduct. While Intraco is a part of New Wave, we automatically respect this Code of Conduct.

Our final goal is that every customer receives the perfect product.
That is why we always keep in mind... NO Compliance NO Way.

"Our goal is not to do business with everyone who needs what we have, the goal is to do business with people who believe what we believe"